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What are functional skills?

When first looking into what are functional skills, you may be unsure if it is the best option for you. Functional Skills, in essence, are equivalent qualifications that you can earn in Maths and English. They come in 2 levels, which are:

  • Functional Skills Level 1 - equivalent to a primary school qualification

  • Functional Skills Level 2 - equivalent to a high school qualification

Level 2 is by far the most popular, as it is the equivalent to a grade C/4 in GCSE Maths/English. The qualification can help you improve employability, as well as open different course routes previously unavailable to you. Including university and apprenticeships.

What are functional skills qualifications? They are a pass or fail qualification. This means that that's all you can receive, so you can’t get a different grade other than the one that is worth a C/4. As long as you get the pass mark for the exam you are taking, you will receive your qualification.

You may be wondering if the qualification will be accepted by your desired university or apprenticeship. We can assure you that all major university and apprenticeship providers in England will accept the functional skills qualification. As long as you go through a reputable exam provider, such as Pass Functional Skills. Providers like this one work closely alongside the UK exam boards, ensuring that all regulations and requirements are met.

If you want to check out Functional Skills Level 1 or 2, then check the links below:


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