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Kitchen Extensions and House Extensions

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Kitchen Extensions

At Skipton Builders we undertake kitchen extensions and house extensions. We offer our extension services in the following areas:

  • Kitchen extensions in Skipton

  • Kitchen extensions in Barnoldswick

  • Kitchen extensions in Harrogate

  • Kitchen extensions in Colne

  • Kitchen extensions in Earby

Often people ask the question is it more cost effective building a kitchen extension or moving home to get the extra space we require? Well it all depends on the area and the type of extension you want. As a general rule, extension in areas where property prices are low usually work out more expensive than moving as you can upsize for not a great deal more but then the opposite is true for areas where house prices are higher.

If you are thinking about a kitchen extension in Skipton, or any other area that we cover get in touch with Skipton Builders today. Our expert builders have had a great deal of experience with kitchen extensions and know what the different types of extensions involve. For some kitchen extensions it is literally a case of extending the existing kitchen to give more space and possibly create an open plan dining area along with this. In other types of kitchen extension it may be a totally new structure extending off the property in which case there is likely to be work work in terms of services as well as a bigger build. This can be simpler in many instances as you aren't trying to work around the existing structure and pipework but more often than not it does involve much more work. 

Regardless of whichever type of kitchen extension you want, whether it is large or small, square or rectangular, our Skipton Builders team have the experience to deliver it. Contact Skipton Builders today. 

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