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Trigonometry Revision

Many would say that free revision resources are the best resources. However, most don’t consider the fact that they are free because they are low quality. Unless you know the content that will be covered on the exam you will be taking, you wouldn’t be able to know. We are here today to give you access to the best, high-quality, free revision resources. All of which you can access from the comfort of your own home. As we work closely with those who design and invigilate the Maths exam. We can be confident in the quality of the resources that we offer.

We are particularly proud of our Trigonometry Revision resources. Which are highly recommended by schools, teachers, and students. Said revision resources include:

Which are designed specifically around the exams themselves. Ensuring that what will be covered will be as relevant as possible. We do recommend that you use a desktop/laptop over mobile to access the resources. Ensuring you have the best viewing experience.

The subject of trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that focuses on the study of triangles. Many students who have to study the subject may find it challenging. As you may recall from school, you would have been taught it as:

  • SOH - sin(θ) = opposite / hypotenuse

  • CAH - cos(θ) = adjacent / hypotenuse

  • TOA - tan(θ) = opposite / adjacent

Helping to simplify the formulas that you will be expected to use.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the subject matter with Trigonometry Worksheets, you then be ready to test your knowledge. This is where the Trigonometry Questions come in. Specifically designed around the questions that could appear in the exam. They will give you an accurate idea of your level of knowledge.


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