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Partner Services: Educational Providers

At Builders in Skipton we are pleased to partner and support a number of educational providers in the local area. These partnerships mean we help to fund ongoing work in the local Skipton community. The following list details the people and services we work with and what they offer. Skipton Builders are fully behind each of the following educational services:

- Skipton Tutors - Provide maths, English and science tuition in Skipton.

- Harrogate Tutors - Provide expert private tuition

- MME - Help with GCSE equivalency tests as well as other GCSE equivalency qualifications such as functional skills maths level 2 exams.

- MME dedicated functional skills service

For all educational support services in the local North Yorkshire area we are pleased to recommend those listed. Although Skipton Builders is no longer active in the construction industry we do still have a number of private residential property developments in the local area.


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