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National Tutoring Programme

Skipton Builders, who are part of the MME group, have been chosen as a DfE-Approved provider for the National Tutoring Programme. This programme is exclusive to schools and is done through subject teachers, so parents can not enrol their children themselves. MME has NTP tutoring available for science, english and maths. Although this is currently targeted at GCSE aged students, it may be expanded in the coming months. If you think your child may need extra support that will be fully funded by their school, please ask their school about having MME as a provider.

The questions listed below are frequent things that students, parents and teachers ask about the National Tutoring Programme.

What is the National Tutoring Programme?

The National Tutoring Programme was designed to give schools extra funding to be used for tuition in order to improve students' results. It was originally introduced to provide extra support after the effects of the pandemic, but due to the effectiveness of the tutoring it has since been extended.

How does the NTP funding work?

The funding for the NTP is allocated for each Pupil Premium student, at £162 per pupil. The money can be spent on any students. The funding is sent 3 times annually in September, December and April. The amount available to claim is 60% of the tuition cost up to £18 per hour per student.

Is the NTP tuition online or in person and is it in groups?

Depending on which option you think might be best for you, there are different options at different costs. In most cases, in-person 1-2-1 tuition is the most expensive option.

How does the dfe national tutoring programme make a difference?

It is clear from students' results, specifically those who are sitting GCSEs, that having tuition can make a massive difference.

How does our school enrol for the NTP?

If you get in contact with a provider such as MME, they will explain the steps to accessing the programme.

Please contact us at Skipton Builders if you have any questions.


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