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MME Premium Discount Code

With the emergence of online learning platforms, the method by which learners prepare and revise for their exams has changed. Many sites are emerging as valuable resources to students, offering robust and effective resources they can use to excel in their studies. One such site is MME Premium.

In this article, we will be going over the features and the benefits of MME Premium, with a discount code for money off your first month at the end of the article.

An Overview of MME Premium

It is an online learning platform for six exam boards for GCSE Maths, English, and Science. Designed and created by a team of highly experienced subject specialists. The MME Premium online platform utilises videos, notes, practice questions, and more to give students the best chance of passing their GCSE exams. 

Key Features of MME Premium

Subject Coverage -  MME Premium online platform covers all core subjects (Maths, English, and all the Sciences) in GCSEs. Compiling all topics into one centralised learning platform.

High-Quality Resources - MME Premium has a range of revision resources, such as revision explainer videos, 10,000s of practice/exam questions, topic-specific notes, topic tests and full mock exams

Practice exam papers - MME Premium has a range of past papers and practice exams. Allowing students to familiarise themselves with the GCSE exam structure and format. It also allows students to assess their knowledge of the material in an exam setting and identify the areas that need the most work.

Benefits of MME Premium

Flexibility and Accessibility - MME Premium online platform is accessible to students anytime, anywhere. Suitable for busy schedules or those always on the move. 

Engaging and Interactive Learning - MME Premium has interactive elements, like tests, qy=uizzes, and practice questions. Helping to actively engage students in their revision. 

Trackable Progress - MME Premium allows students to track their progress on their chosen course. Providing valuable insight on progress and in areas that need further revision time.


MME Premium offers a comprehensive, interactable, and adaptive revision platform for students to utilise. Boasting extensive topic coverage with quality resources to complement any student's learning, and making it an invaluable asset to all GCSE students.

For 5% off your first month use the MME Premium discount code: 5MMEPREMIUM


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