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How to get maths GCSE quickly

When you are on a tight deadline for getting a GCSE Maths qualification, you may not be sure where you can go. As most GCSE qualification providers may only have exams during certain times of the year, and many can take up to a month to get the results back. Today we wil be discussing the fastest way to get GCSE maths.

The quickest way would be to go down the Functional Skills Level 2 route, with you earning the equivalent of a grade C/4 in GCSE Maths. Accepted by most education and job providers. And you can register, sit, and receive your results in under three months. Resulting in this method is the best way how to get a maths GCSE quickly.

The actual GCSE Maths exam can be sat in November, as well as from May to June. Always being paper-based and being sat in an exam centre. The downside to this option is that there is no flexibility, unlike the Functional Skills which allow learners to take the exam from home, at any time throughout the year. Making Functional Skills the preferred choice for many.

How to get maths GCSE quickly

By using the link above, you can see more reasons why Functional Skills Level 2 may be the better option over retaking a GCSE qualification. As well as telling you how you can access both choices. If you have any questions or are still unsure, check out the site today!

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