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Functional Skills Level 2

Functional skills level 2, in essence, is a type of qualification that is equivalent to a PASS grade in GCSE. It’s an Ofqual approved qualification, so is widely accepted by both education and job providers alike. As it is the equivalent to a PASS grade, it is very useful for those who were, for whatever reason, unable to receive their GCSE back in school. Who want to progress their career or education but do not have the grades to do so.

The qualification itself is received by taking an exam through us. By passing the said exam you will receive your qualification in your chosen subject. There are 2 types of Functional Skills Level 2 Qualifications, these are:

  • Maths: Equivalent to a GCSE PASS grade in Maths. It consists of a non-calculator and a calculator paper. To receive your qualification you will have to pass both

  • English: Equivalent to a GCSE PASS grade in English. It consists of a Reading paper, a Writing paper, and an SLC.

As Functional skills are limited by being equivalent to a PASS grade, it is slightly easier than the GCSE exam. It also benefits from being more flexible than the GCSE exam, as it can be taken anytime you want (as long as the booking slot is available) and from the comfort of your own home. Allowing those from all backgrounds the opportunity to receive their Functional Skills Level 2 Qualification.

Like all things, taking your Functional skills exam will cost you money. We here at Builders in Skipton heavily recommend Pass Functional Skills due to their cheap costs and excellent, high-quality exams and revision materials.


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