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Functional Skills Initial Assessment

When looking for the very best resources, one thing that you may not consider is your current level if knowledge going into your revision. But is one of the most important. Knowing in advance what your knowledge level is will allow you to pick out the appropriate revision materials. As well as focus your revision in the areas that matter.

One method that you can use to achieve this is the Functional Skills initial assessments. A diagnostic assessment that comes in both Maths and English. Is used by learners to determine what your current level of functional skills knowledge is. And the pre-assessment is used to find out what your level of knowledge is for each topic.

Through Pass Functional Skill’s Diagnostic Assessments site, you can sign up to both the initial assessment, as well as the pre-assessment diagnostic test. Both of which are free to use. Once you have completed this assessment, you can use the results to select your revision materials. As well as plan out what topics you will be revising.

All of this and more make the Functional Skills initial assessments an excellent place to start for anyone aiming to take their Functional Skills Maths or English exams. If you are unsure or want to learn more, we would highly recommend getting in contact with Pass Functional Skills today!


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