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Functional Skills for Adults

Embarking on higher education or apprenticeships often requires meeting a standard prerequisite: attaining a minimum grade of 4/C at GCSE. However, many adults may find themselves without GCSE qualifications due to various reasons such as not having obtained them, failing to retake exams, or misplacing their certificates. In such cases, opting for a GCSE resit or an equivalent qualification, like a Level 2 functional skill, becomes imperative. While GCSE exams are only available twice a year, functional skills offer a year-round alternative, catering to adults in need of a swift certification process. Moreover, functional skills for adults cover a more condensed curriculum compared to traditional GCSEs. At Skipton Builders, we advocate for exploring the functional skills for adults provided by Pass Functional Skills.

Advantages of Functional Skills for Adults

Functional skills emerge as an admirable substitute for GCSEs, especially through Pass Functional Skills, which offers courses and exams in both mathematics and English, streamlining the path for adult learners. Notably, the efficiency of functional skills stands out, with individuals being able to book, sit exams, and receive results within just two weeks in some cases. This streamlined process contrasts with the extended duration required for GCSEs, making functional skills an appealing choice, particularly for those juggling work or childcare responsibilities.

Pass Functional Skills administers exams throughout the week, from Monday to Saturday, providing various time slots each day. This flexibility accommodates individuals with busy schedules, enabling them to pursue education without significant disruptions.

Functional Skills Courses and Exams


Pass Functional Skills' mathematics course offers a comprehensive curriculum, encompassing all essential exam topics. With revision videos and abundant practice questions, the course ensures thorough preparation. Mock exams, integrated into the course, further aid readiness for the 2-hour exam. The mathematics exam comprises a 30-minute non-calculator section and a 90-minute calculator section, both conveniently taken from home with online invigilation.


Pass Functional Skills' English course is structured around three distinct exams assessing reading, writing, and speaking, listening, and communication (SLC) skills. The course includes revision sections and exam-style questions, with AI-powered mock exams facilitating practice for long response questions. The reading and writing exams are typically scheduled consecutively within a two-hour slot, while the SLC exam is conducted on a separate day. Success in all three components is necessary to attain the functional skills qualification, and all exams are proctored online from home.


In summary, functional skills offer a flexible and efficient pathway for adults seeking educational advancement, providing a viable alternative to the traditional GCSE route. Pass Functional Skills, with its accessible courses and exams, emerges as a convenient and expedited solution for individuals navigating the complexities of adult life while pursuing further education.


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