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Functional Skills Exams

Functional Skills Exams are a crucial qualification for individuals seeking to enhance their career progression through a University Degree. If you successfully pass these exams, they are equivalent to achieving a GCSE Level 4, or Grade C if you are more familiar with the older grading system. This is essential for the majority of job applications and all University admissions. At Builders in Skipton, we offer assistance in preparing for and passing Functional Skills exams in mathematics and English. In this week's article, we will go into the significance of functional skills exams and provide insights into what they are.

Functional Skills Exams hold a crucial position within the UK education system. These exams assess the knowledge and skills required for both personal and professional aspects of life. They encompass essential subjects such as English, Mathematics and ICT (information and communication technology). The intention of this blog post is to delve into the nature of Functional Skills exams, shed a light on their importance, and provide valuable guidance to prepare effectively.

What are Functional Skills Exams?

Functional Skills Exams cover a range of certifications aimed at assessing practical proficiency in English, Mathematics, and ICT (Information and Communication Technology). These exams are offered at different levels, starting from entry level up to level 2, and hold recognition from universities, colleges, and employers. Their main purpose is to evaluate practical skills that can be directly applied in real-life situations, such as writing emails, working with spreadsheets, and budget calculations.

Why are Functional Skills Exams Important?

Functional Skills Exams play an important role in equipping learners with the necessary skills to succeed in both personal and professional realms. These exams hold a huge value for employers and universities, as they provide physical evidence of practical skills that are directly applicable in the workplace. Employers often use functional skills exams as a benchmark when recruiting new staff, while universities consider them as entry requirements for certain courses.

In addition, Functional Skills Exams offer individuals a valuable chance to obtain qualifications in English, mathematics, and ICT, regardless of any previous difficulties they may have faced with these subjects during their school years. This second opportunity proves hugely beneficial, as it helps individuals to enhance their skills and paves the way for career development.

How to Prepare for Functional Skills Exams?

To ensure thorough preparation, it is essential to dedicate time to studying and practising. In order to achieve this, we highly recommend relying on Pass Functional Skills, as they offer excellent resources and support. If you have any inquiries regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us at Builders in Skipton at your earliest convenience.


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