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Functional Skills Course

Functional Skills exams are GCSE alternatives that are equivalent to a grade 4(C). These exams are most commonly taken to get into a university or have the credentials for a job as they are mandatory requirements for most employers. These Functional skills courses are usually very flexible as they can be taken all year round and studied for at home. The results will also come back within a few weeks making it the fastest way to get a GCSE equivalent certificate.

These courses are typically for those who are yet to achieve a GCSE qualification and are offered from entry-level to level 2. As previously mentioned, the online format of these exams are most popular due to their convenience and speed of the results coming back. They work well with learners who have other commitments like jobs and childcare as it can be completed entirely at home.

Functional skills exams can be studied in multiple ways including classroom based learning. This is recommended for those with more time as they will have a tutor who they can interact with and ask questions if struggling. These will provide practical exercises, assessments and feedback which will all prove vital in the lead up to the exam. A wide range of topic areas will be covered with these courses from the basics of both subjects. The questions incorporate real life scenarios in the questions and will improve everyday skills which will transfer to everyday life.

In conclusion, functional skills courses are an excellent way for learners to develop the practical skills they need to succeed in the modern workplace. They are flexible, adaptable, and provide learners with nationally recognised qualifications that are highly valued by employers. If you are looking to improve your maths and English skills then a functional skills course could be the perfect solution.


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