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Free Functional Skills Maths and English Level 2 Courses

Buildersinskipton is happy to promote local education agencies like Skipton Tutors. They are offering free functional skills maths and English level 2 online courses to their students. The link below allows you to apply for this course, unfortunately not everyone meets the criteria to qualify for a free course but it is always worth seeing if you are.

After this quick application you will be granted course access to start your preparation for your final exam. This functional skills level 2 course will ensure you cover all the contents before your exam. It also will enable you to fill in gaps in your knowledge and improve your exam technique. A functional skills level 2 course typically lasts around 50 hours. We have realised that completing this within a two-month period results in the best chances of success, which is why we recommend that you avoid college courses that last a full academic year and clearly show lower pass rates, as reported by the government's own statistics. Since the information will still be fresh in your mind after shorter periods of intensive learning, there will be less need for extended periods of revision.

Contact Skipton Tutors today to apply for free functional skills maths and English level 2 online courses. Whether you decide you need tuition or not, we will be happy to assist you.


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