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Free Functional Skills English Level 2 Online Course

There's a multitude of different resources that are available to you throughout the internet. All in preparation for their Functional Skills English Level 2 Online Exam. One of these resources is the Pass Functional Skills Level 2 English Course, a high-quality, comprehensive course that covers everything you need to know. Today we will be offering this course for FREE!

The course itself is extremely popular as was created around the Functional Skills English Level 2 Online exam in mind. So it guarantees that it will cover all the content that could appear on the exam. The course is suitable for people of all ages, including those still in school, to mature adults. The design of the course is perfect for those who have not covered the subject matter in a number of years!

The course itself will cover 3 main components, these been:

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Speaking Listening & Communication (SLC)

Which is tantamount to what the exam will cover (the exam itself is split into these 3 sections). The dedicated FS English course will cover these subjects using videos on a variety of topics, practice assignments, and mock exam papers. All unequivocally designed to help students improve their Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar, as well as Punctuation skills.

If the need arises, support for all the different components of the exam will be offered. Just the thing if you are still struggling with the subject matter!

You can register for the FREE Pass Functional Skills Level 2 English Course here to get started. The course will come with a free pre-assessment on top of the course, assessing your skills to see where you need to improve. Why wait? Get your free comprehensive course today to secure your pass!


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