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Free Functional Skills Diagnostic Assessment

When students or adult learners are looking to take their GCSE or Functional Skills exams. You may be unsure which would be the best option for you. For those struggling to pass their GCSE exam, we recommend the Functional Skills Level 2 version. This is because overall, there is less content to cover. As well as being a lot more efficient, you can take the exam from the comfort of your own home. Over having to travel to a registered exam center like you would have to for your GCSE exam.

When looking into taking the Functional Skills exam, you would be best first to take the functional skills diagnostic assessment. Which is a short test that you can take which can determine your current level of knowledge in that particular subject. Colleges and other education providers often like to use tests like these to see if the learner needs to sit the lower level of the Functional Skills exams. This is Functional Skills Level 1. However, we would still recommend taking Level 2, mainly due to Level 1 only being worth a primary school degree. Meanwhile, Level 2 is worth a high school degree.

Pass Functional Skill’s functional skills diagnostic tests for maths and English is one of the best free diagnostic tools available. Being both comprehensive, as well as being designed with Functional Skills in mind. It helps to demonstrate what the learner’s current level of knowledge is. As well as showing clear progress as the learner continues to the test over the time they are revising. Making the diagnostic tool a must-have for learners and education providers alike.


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