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Fast Track Functional Skills

At times, it's necessary for individuals to attain fast track functional skills in Mathematics and English to fulfil the criteria for a new job offer, promotion, apprenticeship, or admission into a university. At Skipton Builders we are committed to assisting students in achieving these qualifications, regardless of how quickly they require them.

We highly recommend using our fast track functional skills service for maths level 2, which allows you to book and take your exam within a few days and receive your results within a few weeks. You can book your exam online or contact our support team for assistance. This service also offers fast track functional skills English level 2 exams, which are regulated by Ofqual and accepted by employers, universities, and apprenticeship schemes requiring a GCSE equivalent to a grade C or level 4 in the new system.

It is important to note that although you are taking a fast track functional skills exam, it is crucial to prepare effectively and efficiently with the limited time available. Preparing for a fast track exam requires even more attention to detail, as every day of revision counts. A pre-assessment or diagnostic test can identify the areas you need to focus on for revision. Once you have identified these areas, it is recommended that you revise them thoroughly and then attempt past papers to gain familiarity with the exam format and question style. This is particularly important because the style of questions can vary slightly between different exam boards.

If you require assistance with your functional skills maths level 2 fast track exam or your English exam, please contact Skipton Builders, and we will be happy to help.


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