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Entry Level 3 Maths

For many who wish to take an Entry-Level 3 exam. The study of entry-level 3 mathematics will be necessary. Aiming to ensure that every student, no matter what their race/age is, will have an equal opportunity to pass.

To do this, there is a wide range of revision materials that are available to you. The main resource we offer is Pass Functional Skills’ Entry-Level 3 Maths. Which covers the revision topics, as well as provides worksheets and practice questions. As it is designed for those who have little knowledge of the subject. It will be an excellent start to your revision. Giving you a solid overall knowledge of mathematics at a level 3.

The topics in question are set out as one table, clearly displaying the:

  • Title of the topic

  • What will be covered

  • The revision material itself

  • Worksheets

  • Answers to said worksheets

Covering everything from shapes to charts and measurements. The student can pick through the different topics and revise them in any way they wish to. No adhering to lesson times or strict deadlines for using the resource.

When revising said topics, the worksheets will help you visualize what areas you still need to work on. Helping to see where your strengths and weaknesses are. So you can then focus your revision more on the areas you are struggling with. Ending up with you making the most out of your revision time.

Once you have exhausted the Entry-Level 3 Maths resources. You can then move on to the Entry-Level 2 Maths Past Papers. While giving you an idea of what taking the exam is actually like. It also helps to further identify the topics that still require revision. Once you are confident in the past papers. You can then think about taking your exam!


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