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Harrogate Builders

Recently we have expanded our services and have started taking on more work in the Harrogate area. With half of our team living in Harrogate we know the area well and we have already completed full house refurbishment as well some smaller home improvement jobs. Harrogate is an affluent area and this is sometimes exploited by builders who think because they are working in a more expensive area they can charge more. Our Harrogate builders have fixed charges which apply regardless of area or house price as a plasterboard, brick, stone and most of the raw materials used within the building trade cost the same regardless of area. The only things that make a difference to the cost of a house improvement project or property refurbish are the fixtures and fittings selected, so the type of kitchen. Whether you chose a standard kitchen worktop or go for something like granite can literally be the difference of £3000, so it really is the fixtures and fittings that are selected that make a price difference.

If you are searching for a competitive building quote in Harrogate then contact our Harrogate builders today for a free no obligation quote.

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