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Choosing a Builder

When choosing a builder in Barnoldswick what sort of things should you consider? Well there a few things to consider and to note to ensure you get the best person for the job at the right price. Firstly, getting 2-3 quotes is always a good idea as different builders will have different ideas and getting their perspectives will help with your final ideas of what you want to be done. A good builder will make suggestions that you may not have thought of to save time or money or improve the finish of the building work you are undertaking.

It all starts by contacting 2-3 local building firms, like ourselves, to come and give you a free no obligation quote. A professional builder will talk through the work with you in details and if it is a larger job like a kitchen extension may spend up to an hour talking through the plans and ideas. Once you have agreed on the work that you want completing you should expect to receive a fixed price quote on letter headed paper which clearly lays out the terms. This should include the price agreed, the details of the works to be carried out, agreed timescales and payments which for larger building jobs are usually taken in stages. Reputable builder in Barnoldswick will rarely ask for any payments upfront and you will usually see a good amount of progress before any payment is due. It is good to agree set milestones for parts of the work being completed and linking this to release of the fees agreed at each stage.

Once you have received a quote that you are happy with, remembering the cheapest isn't always the best, then proceed to agree the building work based on the terms in the quotation. Always make sure you have the contact details of the builder and ask when they are available. At R&N Construction we are available 7 days a week by phone and email so you can always get in contact.

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