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Kitchen Suppliers in Harrogate

Are you looking for a new kitchen in Harrogate?

When people think about refurbishing their home or a property they may be wanting to sell, they often think, new kitchen and bathrooms as these are the two most functional parts of the house which are used multiple times everyday. When thinking about a new kitchen people often get nervous about the cost which is understandable as kitchen companies often provide very large quotes, especially kitchen suppliers in Harrogate.

Whether you source your kitchen through a company like Harrogate Builders, or you go directly to the kitchen company, it is always good to get a few quotes and a range of ideas as it will give you a good indication of what is possible within the budget you have, whatever that may be. The following companies are a sample of the kitchen companies in Harrogate and our personal experience of them, good and bad:

Howdens Kitchens Harrogate:

They offer a wide selection of kitchens as they are one of the largest suppliers in the UK. You can order their kitchens to come assembled into units which will save you on fitting costs. Howdens have a great CAD design service and will work with the kitchen fitter, joiner or yourself to get the design you want.

Howdens are not very transparent when it comes to price and you have to negotiate hard and get them to price match to get anywhere near their 'lowest price'. You will pay the most you are prepared to pay, so if you negotiate well you will be rewarded with a lower price but it is a lot of hassle.

Magnet Kitchens Harrogate:

Great design service and the staff are really friendly. The magnet kitchens vary in quality from medium range to top range but are all good kitchens to fi. They have a better selection of appliances and brands and in general their kitchens are of a better quality than some of the more budget suppliers.

Magnet kitchens are very expensive so if you are on a tight budget then don't even consider them.

B&Q Kitchens Harrogate:

Many people have a preconception about B&Q kitchens when actually they are very good and are very well priced. B&Q are set up in a non-franchised way unlike some of the other local Harrogate kitchen branches and therefore the level of service is more consistent as is the pricing. They give you a price and that is what it is, there is no negotiation as they give you a very good price to begin with.

There are a few downsides to the low prices. The kitchens come in flat packs and therefore there will be additional cost to assemble the kitchen. Their delivery service is hit and miss, so often what should be full orders turn into part deliveries resulting in a lot of difficulties. We have fitted a B&Q kitchen in our own house and the finish is excellent but that is because we have a very experienced joiner to fit it, would we go through the same hassle again? Probably not.

There are many other local suppliers of kitchens as well as national chains. The following is a list of other Harrogate kitchen suppliers:

The Harrogate Kitchen Studio

Watsons of Harrogate

Tom Howley Bespoke Kitchens

Interiors of Harrogate

Harvey Jones Harrogate Showroom

As you can see Harrogate has its fair share of commercial, trade and bespoke kitchen suppliers. If you are working to a budget or are renovating a property to make a profit the national chains and suppliers are going to be more suitable. If you want a bespoke kitchen tailored to an unusual space or to exact specifications then a bespoke kitchen company may be more suitable. Regardless of your requirements, our Harrogate kitchen fitters can help!

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