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New HMO project

We have recently taken on another large building project in the Barnoldswick area. We have undertaken a house conversion from a standard residential property to a HMO let. A HMO is a house in multiple occupation and Landlords are now offering this as it meets the demand for more affordable housing and at the same time increases rental yields. We only get involved in HMO's that are completed to the regulatory standards and to a high specification.

The current project includes totally gutting the property back to brick as they say and re configuring the floor space to accommodate 4 spacious double rooms and en suite bathrooms. We will be fitting all new electrics, a new plumbing system, safety lighting and smoke detectors throughout the house. The refurbishment is set to take 12 weeks in total and will be ready to rent by October.

If other landlords are considering HMO properties and would like advice on how to set these up and the regulatory and planning requirements involved then we would be happy to discuss. You can also get more information about HMO regulations via the governments website and your local authority website as regulations can vary from council to council.

For any other building work in Skipton, Harrogate, Barnoldswick or Colne please get in touch with Builders in Skipton today!

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