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House Refurbishment Finished

We have recently finished a full house renovation in Barnoldswick. This work involved totally ripping out the interior, stripping it back to brick as they say. We then fit an entirely new central heating system, electrics and plastered through out. The property had all new wood work, a new kitchen fit as well as a new bathroom. We were creative with the space, making a bulkhead as you go up the stairs which created a lot more storage in the smallest bedroom, helping to transform the space. The work was complete with gloss, paint and new flooring throughout, totally changing the look of the entire property, with every fixture and fitting being new. We also carried out roof repairs and treated rising damp which was coming through the living room wall. The total cost of the refurbishment was £25,000 which was the price agreed at the start. The work took 8 weeks to complete and was rented out 2 weeks before we had even completed the work with the new tenant moving in on the day that the carpets were fit. Everyone involved is exceptionally pleased with quality of work which is reflected in the rental yield achieved which is at the higher end of the spectrum for the area.

If you are looking to refurbish a house you own, whether that is for rental or for you to live then get in touch with Builders in Skipton today to get a trustworthy and reliable quote.

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