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New Kitchen Fit in Skipton

Builders in Skipton are pleased to say we have fit a new kitchen in Skipton over the weekend. We had a team of three skilled joiners and carpenters fit a bespoke kitchen. We helped to secure the kitchen for a competitive price from a local supplier before fitting it when the customer was ready. We came up with solutions for how the waste and pipework for a tall radiator would be concealed so that the integrated kitchen had a clean cut finish with no wires or pipes exposed anywhere. With all the kitchen appliances integrated into the kitchen and pipework cleverly thought out we managed to fit the new Kitchen in a way that all of the wires and pipes were concealed without compromising on the kitchen layout. Needless to say that the customer was once again happy with our work and having completed the new kitchen fit within a weekend we were efficient and tidy with our work.

If you are in Skipton, Earby, Colne, Barnoldswick or Harrogate and would like a new kitchen to be fit then contact Builders in Skipton today.

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