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GCSE Resits

GCSE resits are a big possibility after the GCSE results day of 2022. This goes for both maths and English subjects. Any learner that has not been successful in obtaining their GCSE qualifications will need to either consider taking a resit or looking into functional skills level 2 qualifications so that they can proceed in their desired career paths.

Here at Builders in Skipton as we are doing our building work in Skipton, we also support educational services in the local area. Ojur pass rates are high so the learners that we get into contact with are usually those who have been disappointed in the results they received. We provide the best advice and support to these people on how they should proceed. Functional skills maths and English are accepted as GCSE equivalents in most Universities and employers. This makes it a great option for everyone. However there are a few courses that may need qualifications higher than a level 4 and will need to go through a GCSE resit. With our support, students will be able to revise as best as they can and book the final GCSE exams once they feel ready and prepared. Through the following links you can book the GCSE English and maths resits.

For those who are only needing an equivalent to level 4 then the functional skills level 2 maths and English qualifications are the best options for you. They have numerous advantages such as being able to sit it all year round, having the freedom of taking it from the comfort of your own home, results come much quicker (2 weeks) and the content is not as much. You should really look for advice on which is best for you and what the goals you are trying to achieve require.

For more information on support with GCSE retakes and revision, please contact us as soon as you can.


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