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Damp Proofing

At Skipton Builders we actually have a specialised team that perform the installations of damp courses and come up with remedies to treat damp problems. Many houses suffer from rising damp and all sorts of other damp issues.

The main way to treat rising damp is to remove all of the damaged plaster and adjoining skirting boards. The brick work or wall behind this then needs to be injected with a specialised silicon that will spread out through the cement and provide the first barrier. In some instances a plastic membrane will then be required if for instance the room that is being treated is below ground level (in which case this obviously isn't rising damp). However for cases of rising damp the plastic membrane isn't required and tanking compound is used which provides the second layer of protection. The tanking compound needs to be applied up to about 1.2m high to ensure the damp can't rise above it. The compound application also needs to be solid in that if there are any weaknesses within the coverage then this could be penetrated by the damp. Once the slurry has been successfully applied, the wall is ready to be plaster boarded and then skimmed as normal.

If you are having damp issues in any room then contact Skipton Builders Ltd today and we will come and do a full assessment. Whether you are looking to treat rising damp or any other damp issues we can provide a comprehensive quote and complete the work to the higest standards. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote.

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